Property covered in green surrounding in the area of vijaynagar

Property covered in green surrounding in the area of vijaynagar

One of the remarkable and established names in the construction industry is itself one of the well-known entity of the company excels in designing and construction part on major purpose and the good side about this company is that they do not waste a single time when it comes to excelling in their work. They also provide the help required to their clients regarding realty estate by making and planning out proper real estate solutions. As everyone knows that Shree Balaji is one of the well-recognized companies. Not only this it also serves its customers with conviction and dedication. It is one of the dynamic companies in the city of Indore.


  • Shree Balaji Swastik grand is designed with open green landscape and is used for all the buildings by providing all units ample sunlight and ventilation. The creators of this building portray that no one can invade this private property.
  • And it is available with low rise bungalow apartment into the green lush land.
  • There are landscape courts present on both the side plus the open space and green street are designed to encourage social gathering amongst the residents.
  • With amenities like landscaped green air amphitheater with thoughtfully designed fountains.
  • And also sewage treatment and rainwater harvesting also provided.
  • With the strategically approachable mapping of the property.
  • These are some of the benefits of living in this kind of atmosphere which is provided by our team.

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