Rolex Boutique in Mumbai

Rolex Boutique in Mumbai

Simone Ventures opened the wristwatch brand’s first boutique in Mumbai a year ago. We give you a tour of its spectacular interiors.

Rolex’s commitment to precision, high-performance and aesthetics connects the company to world-class architecture. In watchmaking, as in architecture, excellence in design creates the perfect expression of
form and function.

Fostering the best use of space and technical innovation has allowed the company to develop relationships with acclaimed architects for its own buildings worldwide. They include Fumihiko Maki, Kengo Kuma and Michael Graves. Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa, of SANAA, designed the Rolex Learning Center for EPFL in Lausanne.

The brand Rolex is associated with luxury and timeless style—it also stands for unparalleled design. And we don’t just mean in terms of watches! The first Rolex Boutique in Mumbai marked its one-year anniversary with a celebration by Simone Ventures, the company responsible for opening the brand’s store in the city. Located on Hughes Road in the heart of South Mumbai, this boutique is in the iconic Zaveri House. Its elegant design matches Rolex’s standard of excellence.

Hues of emerald green, beige and brown dominate the interiors of the boutique. One of the walls highlights Rolex’s rich heritage with an aqua wave motif, referring to the iconic Oyster watch—the world’s first waterproof wristwatch.

Green Glory

The intense green colour palette complements the walnut-brown wood interiors, and makes a strong reference to the brand. Specially-made, handcrafted stucco panels in a pattern that resemble a peacock can be found on one of the walls. Apart from a tribute to our national bird, you can also spot a sculpture of an elephant that matches the colour of Rolex’s golden crown logo. Wall displays of their wristwatch collections blend well with the interior design but not without drawing attention to their stunning expertise.

Ode to India

The Swiss brand’s Mumbai boutique pays an ode to India with its design, reminding you of a heritage property in Rajasthan with its arches and jaali framework. The grand chandelier inside enhances the beauty of the timepieces that exude the finesse you’d expect from a luxury watch brand. Golden accents in certain nooks and corners highlight Rolex’s love for opulence and excellence.

Unforgettable Experience

“Simone Ventures is proud to be associated with a heritage brand like Rolex and to present its first Rolex Boutique in Mumbai. The brand reflects the highest standards of quality and service, something that we have brought out through every experience in this boutique. We hope to delight our customers and provide an unforgettable experience,” said Jay Makhijani, CEO of Simone Ventures.

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