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  •   About : We are a creative team of architects, working on interiors, exteriors, landscaping, planning, 3d rendering & detailed drawings...

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Project & Review

Mr. Sathish Residence

Exterior Elevation Project designed for Mr. Sathish who was a client from US, was planned to design a residence for his sister... He also add an Idea of the exterior to be similar to a west

Mr. Nithin Residence

Mr. Nithin from kerala came up to design a new residence after demolishing the previous home... He planned for a ground floor 1Bhk first, but later he decided to make the project to larger

Dr. Ashitha Vargheese - Interior Project

As speaking about Dr. Ashitha Vargheese project it was a apartment with 2Bhk with a rajasthan style interior which came well which satisfied the client... Living room based Brown and yellow