Makespace architect a perfect designer studio

Makespace architect a perfect designer studio

The firm Makespace design studio based in indore works for architecture projects in cities like mumbai, delhi and many more other big metropolitan city. They are engrossed in providing solutions for urban, architectural and interior design related queries and thier work says it all at one glance. This studio was established by well known architects in mumbai Ar Rajat Sanghvi and Ar Naina reddy. They have good sense of practical knowledge and experience of field work as well which goes with the end to end approach. Whereas each solution provided is the culmination of research based design. Even proper study of material based structure is done in detail and is implemented in thier project at large. Thier firm is a perfect example of providing creative solutions through systematic approach of conceptualisation. The best services which are provided to thier customers till this date is 3D rendering, architectural design, floor plans and new construction approach by thier promising team.

Work Profile

The studio which matched thier personality was built in indore suitable thier thinking which had a minimalistic approach to it. This is where many imaginative ideas popped up in our head and we came to a decision for designing our office accordingly. And this is how 1150sq ft studio was created by us together by using all the possible ideas that were in thier minds as designers. The interiors were done giving them a simplified look with contemporary artwork using the shades of grey wherever needed. They had always followed simple principle of lines and grids through which they came up with an approach to differentiate colour, material and texture. If you take close look towards the visual porosity you will notice the reconfigurability throughout the entire office reflects a non verbal conversation to amplify the mood of architecture. You can also say that the studio is an exact combination of parametric and contemporary architecture through usage of new method of designing to make it look rustic which is a new form of idea made by the new generation and strongly portrays the thinking of the modern scenario.

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