Luxurious apartments in the city of gurgaon

Luxurious apartments in the city of gurgaon

Let us talk about people who come tierd from thier office work and are always in thier meeting stress and also a kid is restricted from going to the playground by his parents plus the old age couple living in one of the apartments and have just finished doing thier evening walk they will normally as a common man think of going home to be in peace and pin drop silence and areally happy with the idea of finally getting to arrive at thier house. A home sweet home is always been described as a mere shelter for man to live without any stress and only happiness is scattered everywhere. And this is our responsiblity to keep all minds and soul fresh for those who are living in our apartment and lot of people understand that thier dreams are important but not more than the house they are looking for to live and sarthak real estate developer make it sure they are comfortable in the living amenities offered to them. This is a firm belief that this company keep while planning any project and always appreciate those who have encouraged them to take a pride in thier construction work and the way thier process work.


  • This project is made in such a way that you have enough space to even organize big events and parties and all the services will be taken care by the owner of the building.
  • The rooms are designed in a very self sufficient manner with grand architecture rooms and halls to give yo a feeling that you have already reached on top and has a touch of luxury to it.
  • The name of the building itself says about space like the sarthak galaxy which is a combination of contemporary art and results of years of the craftsmanship.
  • over here you will not only get the space to dwell but also it resembles the lineament of galaxy and is highly inspired by the space culture at large.
  • Most of the areas are constructed with a rowhouse scheme whereas in some places there are flats on every floor which is a tall building a customer may buy whatever he is comfortable in.
  • The space which is decoreated just like some kind of mueseum and its the centre of attraction for all people living nearby the garden area. Ofcourse from this we can easily makeout that crowd living here are not less than any shining star with extraordinary living.

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