Kothari and associates a team of creative minds

Kothari and associates a team of creative minds

There are various designers working under the banner of kothari and associates and each piece of artwork made by them have something to say through thier power of imagination. Same goes for the designers as well. There are different type of projects which we work upon some of them are related to space planning and a lot more whereas the focus of the firm is mainly towards transforming a civil structured vision into a built reality. The order of any clients for the required project is the need of an hour for the firm and is one of the top priority for all people working under us. All the steps taken by the clients are appreciated on every stage especially during the planning and implementation of project. This is one of the good firms with an approachable platform provided to all the customers those who make the choice to have thier designs made from thier firm.

The philosophy which we work with is simple and direct and the project which we worked upon from so many years include commercial and residential projects both with decoreating the room stuff and arrangements of the furniture is also done by our company and there are a lot more projects which will be coming in the near future on which we will be working upon.

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