Kangana Ranaut’s Home in Mumbai: A Bold Statement from the Queen

Kangana Ranaut’s Home in Mumbai: A Bold Statement from the Queen

Known for taking a stand on social issues and living sustainably, Kangana Ranaut has decorated her 5 BHK on Pali Hill to look like a mini paradise. Designed by eminent interior designers like Richa Bahl and Shabnam Gupta, Ranaut’s residence exudes a calming Zen vibe. Here is a quick glimpse at the bold living quarters of the queen: 


The glamorous Mumbai neighbourhood

The Pali Hill neighbourhood is known to house many popular celebrities. It is considered to be one of the best localities in the city. Ranaut’s residence is situated within a multi-storeyed building in the area. The building has an earthy, mansion-like exterior adorned with beautiful flowers. The spacious 5BHK comes with an additional parking space of 565 square feet. 

The interiors give off a lived-in vibe

As for the interiors of the house, Ranaut has chosen to stay true to her roots. Being a girl from Manali, she has infused her Himachali heritage into her Mumbai residence. As the actor herself has described, her residence gives off a lived-in 1920’s vibe. Stitched linen, natural fabrics, and matte grey walls adorn the living space. The walls bear testimony to a simple, uncluttered style of living that the actor prefers over oppressive luxury.

In particular, Ranaut’s thought process behind designing her home stems from her consciousness about ecological sustainability. She wants to live a plastic-free, environment-friendly lifestyle. This idea is reflected in her quaint house interiors. Ranaut purchased this property a few years back and it completely remodelled to make it feel like a home she could come back to at the end of a long day.

A colourful ode to the glory of women

Ranaut’s luxurious house is a medley of vibrant, bold colours just like her vivacious personality. Be it the bright blue entrance door or the colourful décor and furniture of the house, the house has a boho vibe to it. The entire area is strewn with gorgeous pictures of empowered women like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Frida Kahlo. It is the perfect blend of antique and modern décor styles. 

A balcony and patio area to the flat offers a gorgeous view. The flooring is mostly monochromatic to balance the pop of colours in the rest of the décor. The aura of the house speaks of the actor’s Himachali heritage with the help of its every décor element.

Thus, the beautiful residence of Kangana Ranaut is as brilliant a fashion statement as its owner. A blend of unique artistic décor elements, the residence is inviting and cosy. It is a testament to all that Ranaut has achieved in the industry, thanks to her hard work and abundant talent.

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