How to have a clean organized bathroom

How to have a clean organized bathroom

The bathroom is home to many products, be it creams, makeup, toilet supplies, and more. If unorganized, the room can completely turn into a maze…finding anything would take up a lot of time. The key to an organized bathroom is just having a system of what goes where.

Start a System

First, start by identifying all that you keep in your bathroom. Make a list of categories—this could be bath towels, toilet rolls, makeup, extra products, toilet cleaning supplies, and more. Before beginning the actual process of decluttering, pull out two bins; one which is a trash bin and the other to put items you would like to donate. Go through every single item in the bathroom and put them in one of the categories you have identified. The items that are expired, products you have not used in a while, travel samples that you have not used, etc., need to be discarded or tossed in the donation pile.

Note: When you are doing this remember to pull everything out of your shower caddy, drawers, under the sink and any other storage space you have in your bathroom.

Keep Extras Together

Once you have decluttered and identified what you want to keep, plan the layout of your bathroom. It’s important that all extra items go together in one place. This ensures that these items stay out of your way on a daily basis and you can pull them out when you need them.

Sort According to Usage

Sort products based on the frequency of use. So, the ones that you use daily should be kept inaccessible spots. This is also the stage where you bring in storage units. These could be drawer dividers, vertical storage shelves, clear boxes, shower caddies, and more. The idea is to have a segregated spot for each category of item, whereby they are visible and easy to access.

Now that you have segregated the products, start by placing them in each of the categories you’d decided before. The generic categories for most bath areas should include:

Bath towels
Shower items
Vanity products
Toilet cleaning supplies
Extra products

Beautify the Space

Post organizing the bathroom, add items to personalize the space. It could include plants, mirrors, memorabilia. Anything that you cherish and value.

Now that you have an organized bathroom, there is a super simple trick to ensue it stays just like this forever! The trick is to just take one minute daily to put back whatever you take out at the end of the day. Trust me, it would not take more than one minute now that you have a specific spot for each item.

With these simple steps make your bathroom a calming space for you.

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