How is New Age Design shaping the interface of real estate industry

We at interio global have come a long way, and our emphasis is always on how a product works instead of how it looks. Though it cannot be denied the value of a good looking application, understanding the basics of WHY WE DO is of paramount importance and is always on the table for discussion, be it product design or delivery.

How Is New Age Design Shaping the Interface Of The Real Estate Industry |  BBG INDIA - BBG INDIA BLOG

Technological improvements and innovation all around have forced the industry to evolve, primarily the real estate. And so have the consumers. Some of the basic principles that need to be followed are (true for all touchpoints especially the Mobile):

  • Making a great first impression. –You don’t get a second chance.
  • De-clutter user interface. – take the “invisible” UI approach – focus on the essential content.
  • Design for the interruption. – one primary action per screen.
  • Make navigation self-evident. – Good Navigation works like an invisible hand helping users in their entire journey.
  • Create a seamless experience. – Omni Channel Approach

For most of us buying a house isn’t a spot decision, it takes time and effort to conclude upon x. This isn’t an easy task but can be fun if done methodically and with the right approach. Knowing the user is always the first step at Magicbricks, and is done via contextual inquiry, focused group discussions, usability testing, and other UX methodologies. Focusing on UX enables the design to focus on the user which is imbibed in our product design culture too.


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How is New Age Design fashioning the interface of the real estate trade


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