Give Stress A Break With Fun Festival!

Give Stress A Break With Fun Festival!

Here’s the festive season arise but due to this COVID 19 pandemic and lockdown you might be thinking that how to celebrate the festival by decorating the house without new stuff. So here we come with new and effective ideas to decorate your home suite home with the old stuff that already you had in your home without spending a penny.

1. Rearrange your old stuff:- So you want to decorate your house with the old stuff, of course, you can do that by rearranging your home furniture with the new style, change their location and the positions. Hanging some old pictures from your old art gallery, divide the room, rearrange sofa and coffee table, and some study table.
This will give your house a new look and make will get your festive vibes.

2. Decorate the room:– You can bring innovation by decorating the room with the music instrument for example if u have a guitar so hang on the wall and with that hangs some headphones, that will make your room look trendy and tidy. Bring some nature in your house by planting some vegetables in your kitchen window, that will definitely give you a beautiful and magnificent approach.

3. Party at the house:- What can make your festival amazing other than your well spent duration with your family. Host a party and make some sweets and new dishes at home and celebrate a festival with all family members you can involve your neighbors also. You can spice up your party by arranging the theme party or some dress code to make a special and happy festival.

4. Host some games:- Arrange some games at the party like Musical Chairs, dumb charades, or some quiz game. You may capture those moments by clicking pictures with different styles and poses.

5. Virtual greeting:- I know things can’ t be the same for everybody. If you are so far with your family members and celebrating your festival alone you can make some videos to greet the festival or you can send an e-card with the help of the internet. Social media is an amazing platform that connects people digitally anywhere around the world.

6. Beating stress by including festive season:- Without a doubt, we are collectively facing pandemic and stress due to COVID 19 and lockdown but by celebrating this festive season we can reduce our stress by involving ourselves in some activities like yoga, tea party, fun games and many more.

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