Furnicheer a furniture oriented company

Furnicheer a furniture oriented company

Thier journey has been toughest from the day they started and now is making a position for itself in the newly evolving market as can be guessed fronm thier name itself the furnicheer company. you can descibe it well as an contemporary indian furniture based company. It has worked with several different kind of clientele now for thier interior decorating requirements. Thier work has been defined as one of the bestest firm behind making distinctive home and and office areas into productive spaces. But the thing which is of utmost importance to them to run thier company is the manufacturing of various kind of furnitattrure products by creating simple and elegant designs for thier beloved customers.

The symbol that represents thier art is vibrant stains with infused graphics from all over the world. Thier team has good research knowledge and also implement them in all of thier product ranges. Most of thier contemporary designs are inspired from traditional craftsman from small parts of the world. Thier mostly preferable design which they majorly use in thier products is the knot pattern and fine grains of solid wood from organic materials coming from forest area. They are really addicted to sustainability on a hiher rate the people working for them are passionate about thier work and does not miss out on a single opportunity. Its not compulsory to buy from our store products whereas you can make it customised for yourself personally this is our main purpose to serve ecologically efficient products fully dedicated to design made and planned by our client.

  • This is a small and cute side drawer designed by them for customer convenience and satisfaction which is a wall mounted table structured near the bed to keep all your valuable stuff for your daily requirements.
  • This product is designed in such a way that it will never be noticed but always will be there for use when you need it at the right time.

  • This is one of thier best selling products with attractive designs and coloured variations in it.
  • This is very comfortable and does not take much space in your home with around 6 seating arrangements made keeping in mind the kids of the house.
  • The kind of art used on it is called as blue brown white tile inlay.
  • The product comes with four seating chair and a bench but provides you all the security you need and can be modified according to your taste.

  • The furnicheer is also best known for designing covers and bed sheets with quirky prints on it which gives a fun and loving vibes to the family and guests coming at home.
  • Really cozy and soft cushions made out of polyester fabric covers to increase the glow of any space and is easily adjustable in any corner of your home plus infact it has a lot of benefits which makes it count in the high class exclusive product category.
  • The firm gives an artistic approach to the buyer and has acceptional designs inbuilt in them and there is no comparison for thier superb creativity power.

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