Choosing Art for your Home Decor

Choosing Art for your Home Decor

So we’ve helped you decorate, paint and accessorize your walls. What remains? ART! Indian art has always been one of the most intricate, exotic art forms around. Indian paintings reflect the opulent culture and heritage of the country, be it Madhubani, Mughal, Warli or folk painting. Here is a comprehensive list of forms of Indian paintings that you could consider for your home.

Murals: A Mural is an artwork painted on a wall, a ceiling or any other stable surface. One could say that the idea of a mural lies somewhere between wall painting and fine art. You could hire professionals to do up a mural on one of your walls, which not only look great, but are reverberant of your personal style.

Tanjore Paintings: Originating from Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu), Tanjore paintings are renowned for the vibrancy of its colors, neatness of forms and clarity. These paintings showcase a definitive style that look very elegant once framed.

Batik Paintings: This technique involves waxing and de-waxing with using delicate colors. This art form, prevalent in Orissa, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, is used in making wall hangings, dress materials, scarves, dupattas etc. You could use the paintings or the cloth to decorate. The beauty of Batik lies in the fact that it works both ways.

Mughal Paintings: The origin of Mughal painting in India traces back to around 16th century-18th century. During this time, a large part of India was ruled by the Mughals, as a reason of which there is a fine blend of the Indian and Persian style in Mughal paintings.Mughal paintings in India are an exquisite art of creativity and grandeur that look like a million bucks on your walls.

Silk Paintings: Silk paintings reflect what the material means to most of us. Suppleness, ethereal beauty and a soft, shiny grace are the portrayed by paintings on silk.A collection of stimulating colors is used in this genre of painting. The colors are amalgamated with soft and smooth brush strokes to fashion an essential part of the silk fabric.

Jadu Patua: Jadu Patua is a form of painting that was done on vertical scrolls, earlier made of cloth and then paper. Jadu Patua is immensely popular in Santhal areas like Birbhum, Murshidabad, Bankura, Hooghly areas of West Bengal.

Rajasthani Paintings: Rajasthani form of paintings, though influenced by Mughal paintings, boast of their own uniqueness. They are made both on huge cloth pieces and paper. Different parts of Rajasthan have style of their own, and thus different schools of paintings came into being. Rajasthani paintings are very elaborate and impart a sense of regality to your home.


Madhubani paintings: Madhubani paintings were mostly done by local women of Bihar on the mud walls of their huts using vegetable colours. But today, they are done on both cloth and paper. The painting themes revolved around natural objects like the sun and moon, Hindu deities and sacred plants, etc. Madhubani reflects a style that is very indigenous and Indian. These, for sure, will look great on your walls!

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