Ayodhya Ram Temple Design : Know the final Design Of Ram Mandir

Ayodhya Ram Temple Design : Know the final Design Of Ram Mandir

Finally, Ram Mandir Dream Convert into Realty. the grand Ram mandir coming up at the Ram Janam Bhoomi at Ayodya will now have 5 domes Mandap and One Shikhar making the temple whopping 161 feet hight.



The temple, which will take around three to three-and-a-half-year to be ready as per project’s architects, would have three storeys and it would be based on Vastushastra. Until now, the temple, the design of which was worked upon since 1990, had two storeys, three ‘mandaps’ and a ‘shikhar’, giving it a height of 141 feet.

the chief architect of the project Chandrakantbhai Sompura, said, “The original design had three ‘mandaps’ – the ‘garbhgriha’ or the sanctum sanctorum, ‘kudu mandap’ and ‘nritya mandap’. But the new design has the addition of ‘rang mandap’ which will be towards the front of the temple and a ‘kirtan mandap’ and a ‘Prarthana mandap’ on both sides.”

Chief architect of the temple Chandrakantbhai Sompura, whose grandfather Prabhakarji Sompura, had designed Somnath temples, said that the temple design is based on ‘Vastu shastra’. “My grandfather had written several books on Vastu kalanidhi and for generations, we have been using the art in our designs,” said the 77-year-old architect.


“”Very Importance Fact About Ram Temple””

1- 3- story ram temple will have 5 dome-shaped mandaps and 1- ‘Shikhar’

2- the original design had 2 stories, 3 mandaps and 1 shikhar. sanctum sanctorum will be octagonal

3- Numbers of pillers increased from 212 to 360

4- temple design based keeping in consideration vastu shastra, says chief architect chandrakant bhai sompura
who also designed the akshardham temple of gujarat.

5-Stones from banshi mountains in rajasthan will be used

6- 4 more temple, smaller in size, will surround the main structure

7- Over 2 lakh bricks with sri ram inscibed on them in various launguages, collected over 30 years ago from
across the country, will from the foundation of temple

8-total area || ram temple will be built in 10 acers and remaining 57 acres will be developed as the temple complex

9- temple hights || 161 feet
10- total coloumns 360
11- total floors 3
12- total mandapas 5(kudu, rang, nritya, kirtan & prathana)

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