Out of all the new technology infiltrating our daily lives, touchless technology is slowly making the biggest impact on home cleaning and hygiene products. Did you know? Coronavirus can live on plastic and stainless steel for up to three days and be transmitted by people touching infected surfaces. From the kitchen faucet and refrigerator handle to the toilets’ flush levers, these surfaces are touched by almost everyone in your home, so we recommend that you safeguard your family and hop on to the contact-less technology bandwagon. Don’t know how to begin? Fret not, we introduce you to five types of hands-free home accessories that will get you started,

Hands-free Faucets
It may surprise you to find search pages after search pages of hands-free kitchen and bathroom faucets with a wide range of styles, finishes and price points. We have our eyes on the elegant Kohler’s Oblo Invisible Sensor Faucet that barely gives any hint that it’s got technology packed into its svelte frame. Designed with Kinesis™ technology, it features a concealed sensor inside the spout for highly accurate, consistent activation.  Another good option to reduce germ spread on your bathroom fixture is the one from Grohe. GROHE’s infrared sensor taps, register when your hands are approaching and automatically activates the flow of water. If the tap’s sensor no longer detects movement, the water jet will automatically turn off. Sounds easy right?

Soap and Sanitiser Dispensers
You may call it the need of the hour but this home product is a lifesaver, almost literally. We have heard countless video instructions by experts that demonstrate how to wash your hands, sanitise well and these dispensers are a helpful add-on to your home. We recommend the Octus Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser from Amazon.in. It comes with a similar motion sensor technology that adopts advanced infrared human body induction technology to avoid secondary cross-infection. There are various online marketplaces with dispensers available online that can be shipped directly to your residence. If you have kids who share a bathroom, this may be an ideal investment to avoid germ spread. Another great buy is the Kent Auto Sanitiser Dispenser. Avoid nuzzling your sanitiser out of the bottle and opt for this contact-less dispenser instead. This model is wall mountable and easy to clean and refill.

Robot Vaccum Cleaner
Pandemic’s unlikeliest winner, robot vacuum cleaners finds itself in news again. This little appliance maintains a low profile and goes from room to room, doing your least favourite chore for you. While we’re not suggesting that the automated cleaners can polish the silver and dust the dado rail, however, they are known to be pretty efficient when it comes to tackling unwanted pet hair, getting grime off hard floors, and carpeting alike. Wondering how it really works? The automated cleaner uses navigation tools like sensors, lasers, and cameras, to work its way around your home, suctioning up dirt into its dustbin from hard floors like wood, tile, and laminate, and low pile carpets and area rugs.  The popular robot vacuum, the iRobot Roomba, initially hailed as a luxury appliance now makes its way into essential home cleaning systems. The device uses the iAdapt Navigation and a suite of intelligent sensors that help to thoroughly clean your floors. It also automatically docks and recharges itself–resting after a long day at work. How convenient, right?

Automatic Sensor Dustbin
Yes, you read that right, its possible for you to get rid off rubbish, but in style! The handsfree operation will open the lid and help you dispose of waste by simply waving your hand or the debris in front of the trash can’s sensor.  It reduces the risk of contamination by touching the surfaces and offers a more convenient, hygienic solution for any room in your home or even your office space. We picked the Tidy Up! Smart Bin Automatic Sensor Stainless Steel Dustbin that has a touchless mechanism which uses hand gesture to open the lid automatically. Another good option to reduce germ spread is Doublux-Sell Street, Automatic Touch / Touchless Motion Sensor Stainless Steel Trash Bin. The battery-operated bin is water-resistant and its infrared motion sensor prevents moisture or any accidental spills from damaging the unit. Word to the wise: No matter which trash can you buy, pay heed to its warranty.

Virtual Assistants
“Alexa, play some music!” Until now, these were the kind of commands you may have thrown at Alexa, the voice assistant from Amazon. With today’s novel coronavirus, that is changing, as voice control technology rapidly becomes a hands-free necessity—both now and in the future. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo and Google Home may be increasingly present in homes, and by simply adding a smart socket to our household lamps, lights, air conditioners, motorized curtains, televisions, such devices can easily—and more stealthily—turn them on and off with just your voice command! Are you ready to transform your humble abode into a smart home already?

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